Exploring Kruger National Park

Exploring Kruger National Park

Skukuza Camp

Situated at the Southern banks of Sabie River in Mpumalanga province, the Skukuza Camp is the biggest camp and the head office of the Kruger National Park camps(Sanparks.org ,2021). The park is named after the first warden of the camp Jameson Stenson Hamilton. Most admin work is carried out at the camp(Sanparks.org, 2021). Unlike most of the camps, it has facilities like the restaurant, a conference centre, a library as well as a golf course.


Skukuza camp offers variety of accommodation and tourists are spoilt for choice. From a campsite to a 5* hotel depending on your budget.

Kruger Shalati hotel

The newly built hotel that offers a 5* accommodation is a unique train hotel built high above the Sabie river. What is more fascinating about the hotel is that it’s built out of old carriages. The views are breath taking and guests are able to watch animals as they come to drink water at the river. Be warned, the bespoke hotel is not for the faint hearted as you’ll be sleeping high above the river in an unusual setup. Another interesting thing is the swimming pools that hangs on air and if you’re not suffering from acrophobia you get to enjoy your drinks in the pool overlooking the river.


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Should you choose the Kruger Shalati be prepared to part ways with atleast R11 000 a night


Roofed with thatch, the rondavels are perfect for those that are not afraid of insects as they usually share the space. What is more beautiful about the units is that it’s a self catering arrangement and braai stands are provided. Visitors bring their own meat and the bush party begins.

Safari tents/Camp site

If you want to experience the bush life, then this is for you. Visitors are allocated space and they erect their own tents or park their caravans. This is one of the cheaper options the park has to offer. Just like the Kruger Shalati, the tents are not for the faint-hearted as animal pop in now and then. Visitors get to prepare their own food and do their own washing.

Skukuza Safari Lodge

This is my favourite hotel when I visit Kruger National Park. Being someone who’s afraid of heights and insects, the hotel is perfect for me. Like most hotels, it offers a spa, a 5* accommodation , swimming pool as well as a conference centre. Unlike the Kruger Shalati, the hotel is reasonably priced.

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My favourite part of the trip was dining at the Skukuza restaurant. It offers variety of dishes including sea food. Not the best of offerings, however the view from the restaurant is out of this word. You get to see animals such as the large Hippotamuses or Hippos and adorable Impalas as they come to quench a thirst at the nearby Sabie River. I found the staff friendly and well mannered.

Selati Station Grillhouse

Built as part of the Kruger Shalati, the restaurant offers food ranging from fat cakes, game as well as sea food. Their bunny chow is scrumptious you can buy it everyday. Did I mention there’s also alcohol?  It’s only sold to visitors who are willing to seat in and quench their thirsts.


Nkuhlu is a picnic spot perfect for lovers and families who’d like to enjoy their food outside the camp. If you’re an animal lover, the spot is for you as you get to watch animals at a close range.

Bush Walk

If you’re brave and not afraid to take risks, this one is for you. Guided and protected by rangers, you are able to see animals that you wouldn’t usually see from your car. There’s usually two rangers protecting a group of eight and under special circumstances, visitors are treated to game braai right in the middle of the bush.

Game Drive

You cannot go to Kruger National Park and not partake on one of their game drives. I repeat, game drives are a must as you get to see animals at a close range and the tour guide has a duty to educate you about their behaviour. Personally, the sunset drive is my favourite as you get to see animals before the sun sets and gets back when the sky is dark.

Skukuza Golf course

The half-a-century-old 9 hole course is designed for all level of golfers, be an amateur or a pro.  If you’re a golfer, do not forget to take your clubs and enjoy golfing at a course surrounded by harmless animals.

You did not visit the Skukuza Camp if you didn’t purchase a branded merchandise and game biltong from the Skukuza shop.

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